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Odontopediatrics and

In Centro Dental Cotignola we have a special focus on infants, as we firmly believe in the adoption of dental hygiene daily routines and frequent visits to the dentsit from an early age, to be key in laying the foundations of a correct dentition and a good dental health. Such practices, can result in diminishing the chances of future complications, which could have easily been detected and addressed with thorough care and prevention.

The same applies to grandparents, who at a more advanced stage, can benefit extensively from keeping their dental health in check, not only by retainging functionality and aesthetics, but also from avoiding to undergo invasive treatments.


Orthodontics yields aesthetics and functional benefits for the patient, which can either be a child of a full grown person, as it is effective regardless of age.

Correct occlusion generates a wide array of benefits, depending on the patient's previous condition, ranging from the elimination of high pressure points/areas derived from malocclusion, which can eventually result in excessive wear and/or breaking of dental pieces, to breathing improvements, resulting in better life quality.

We are experts in orthodontics and can adjust to our patient's needs, in terms of offering all systems and materials to ensure obtaining the best result possible.

Implantology and Prosthetics

Implantology allows for the replacement of dental pieces, substituting the natural root/s for a titanium one/s in the first place. In Centro Dental Cotignola we take very special care in the first phase, where the titanium implant integrates with bone matter, that is the reason why we observe a minumum period of three months to guarantee satisfactory osseointegration. A second phase involves the addition of one or several crowns, depending on the prosthetic advisable solution.

Although implantology has undoubtfully become the choice for many, prosthetic solutions can be also be viable without the usage of dental implants, we provide our patients with a comprehensive array of prosthetics, enabling us to put at the patient's disposal a solution that suits them  .


Dental aesthetics has become a capital in modern dentistry. Beyond the obvious aesthetic benefits granted by ortodonthics, teeth whitening and veneers, in their different forms,  have become a significant change in the way dentistry can help increase the beauty of our smile.

Nowadays there is no reason why you can't have the smile you've always desired, in Centro Dental Cotignola we are pleased to put at your disposal the latest technology to do so.

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