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Patients from abroad

We are a natural choice for international patients who, whilst living in Spain, wish to be treated with the highest standards in their mother language. However, if you are staying in Spain for business or vacation for a determined amount of time, or if the purpose of your stay is medically-inclined, we can assist you in evaluating and addressing your dental condition.


Currency exchange rates can result in an automatic competitive advantage for one country relative to another, even if they are located in a rather close distance and share alike regulations. If you add the highest quality standards, 30 years of experience and an international background, the advantage increases exponentially. There are several treatments that can be administered safely to non-resident patients if the adequate protocols are observed. We will be glad to inform you about what we can do for your dental health, or specifically analyze your dental condition.

Traveling to Spain


Nowadays, booking a flight to Madrid from countries located within a 3 hour flight has become affordable. We are a 15 minute taxi drive away from Madrid's Adolfo Suárez Airport, as we are on the northeastern part of Madrid. We are also easily accesible by metro, "Pinar de Chamartín" Station, you can check out the metro website here. If the purpose of your stay is dental care, there are several hotels within walking distance, if you are staying to discover Madrid or a little (or a lot) about Spain, we are sure you'll find a place in accordance to your liking in Spain's wide touristic offer.


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